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                          In this new offering by Homer Hickam, Jr., New York Times
                          best selling author of Rocket Boys, the former NASA engineer
                          once again proves to be a master story teller. Using his
                          information as an insider in the NASA program, Hickam spins
                          a rocket ride of a suspense tale. Much like boarding one of the
                          new theme park roller coasters, this "ride" builds slowly to a
                          smashing, rollicking, twisting, exciting story of one man's
                          "return" to the moon.

                          Can an "outsider" hijack a Columbia Space Shuttle, rig it with
                          new power and go to the moon? This is the not so far fetched
                          premise that starts this novel of suspense and political intrigue.
                          And just how long has it been since we have been to the moon
                          as a country, and why did we stop going? Remember when we
                          were children and enjoyed hours of fun and adventure in our
                          grandparent's attic? Remember all the treasures we
                          found there? Remember how much fun it was to explore that
                          dark and foreboding place? But then we grew up and no longer
                          explored attics, we were too busy being important to have fun. I
                          think this is how we as a country have treated the moon. We no
                          longer go there and we no longer thrill to the excitement we
                          once shared of going to the moon. This novel reminds us of
                          what we have lost.

                          An exiled NASA scientist, now owner of his own company,
                          fulfills the terms of a "contract" by hijacking a Columbia Space
                          Shuttle headed for the MIR space station and refigures it in
                          mid-flight and whoosh, he's off to the moon.
                          Houston we have a problem.....those memorable words
                          made famous by the Apollo 13 crew now take on a new and
                          exciting meaning. Can our rocket man actually pull this off, can
                          the government and NASA stop him? And why is he doing this
                          and who is he doing it for and who really wants to stop
                          him? These are the ingredients for an exciting and
                          suspenseful adventure that will keep you glued to the page as
                          each new twist and turn reveal new dangers and excitement.

                          If you remember the trips our astronauts made to the moon and
                          the excitement surrounding each "lift off" and each moon
                          exploration and you enjoy a good mystery, then run,
                          don't walk, to get a copy of Back To The Moon, strap
                          yourself in for a wild rocket ride of fun, romance, intrigue and
                          some plain old fashion political shenanigans. From the launch
                          pads at Coalwood, WVA to the control center at Houston,
                          Homer Hickam sure knows how to deliver an exciting tale of

Written by Reggie Fallin, 1961 graduate of Welch High School, Welch, WV.  He currently lives in Maryland, VA. Reggie's book reviews are often included in the library's weekly column of his local paper.
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