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Class of 1955

Front row L-R:  Ardella Roberts Shaffstall, Judy Hulme Beauchert, Christina Tolnay. Second row: Nelle Pollock Kost, Joyce England Fly, Eddie Fly.  Third row:  Roy Hall, James Sparks, Jackie Funkhouser Tanner, Delores Gesotti McMahon.  Fourth row:  Laura Lee Mitchell, Wayne Richardson,  Larry Hylton, Edward Hunt, Bill Tolley.  Fifth row:  Shirley Greer Korman, Shirley Wade Kim, Don Rankin, Walter Foster, Bob DeHart, Pete Plymale, and John Summers.

Class of 1956

Front row L-R:  Duane Hall McCulloch, Eloise Lester Webb, Eleanor Triplett White, Shirley Price Tolley.  Second row:  Mike Delgrande, Connie Moore Jenkins, Carol Lawrence Benson, Euwilda Roberts Lewis.  Third row:  Archie Verdiglione, Henry Murray, Barney Jenkins,  and Darrell Wade.

Class of 1957

Front row L-R:  Carolyn Early Poirier.  Second row:  Joe Ed Phillips, Nilda Ramella, Brenda Muncy McPeak, Barbara Mitchell Howlett, Margaret Campbell Barker, Ann Tucker Rosch.  Third row:  Shelby Rotenberry Robertson, Barbara Dawson Cassell, Pola Noe Bishop, Norma Slusher Moore, Cuzzie Belcher Mathena, Pat Donnelly Bradley, Wanda Goad Wertz, Ken Crabtree.  Fourth row:  Mike Callaway, Andy Tolnay, Tom Cloer, Evelyn Sheffey Tomlin, Faye Tolley Milam, Pete Plymale.  Fifth row:  Ronnie Thompson, Sam Spangler, Tony Miano, Geraldine Rotenberry Salcines, David Bowlick.  Sixth row:  Dexter Dillon, John Smith, Bud Donchatz, Jim Rose, and Ann Delomas Ellis. 

Class of 1958

Front row L-R:  Pat Friel Johnson, Linda Smith Stacy, Anita Hylton Hogue.  Second row:  Thelma Green Chaso, Alice Cline Musso.  Third row:  Kenny Rose, Betty Campbell Klosterman, Charles Warner, Marianna Cline Godfrey.  Fourth row:  Fred Hardison, A.W. Dalton, Sam Funkhouser, Bill Barker, Ronnie Vandell.  Fifth row:  John Spencer.

Class of 1959

First row L-R:  April Vermillion Beavers, Andy Walker Myers, Sandra Reeves Clauss, Jean Wingate Norton, Angelina Lucion Hall, Carolyn Sharousky Donchatz, Billie Gravely Mason, Mary Jane Mays Kestner.  Second row:  Janice Bowlick Duncan, Shirley Hopson Stapleton, Pat Shupe Bickle, Bernard Swope, Patty St. Clair.  Third row:  Earl Wade, Carolyn Mitchell Shuermann, Anna Colobro Mercanti, Phyllis Grills Mayne, George Liontakis.  Fourth row:  Sammy Campbell, and Carl Pennington.

Class of 1960

Front row L-R:  Howard Reeves, Janet Spencer Hardison, George Pennington, Wanda Bignotti Simons, James Sagris.  Second row:  Jim Norton, Martha Wade Cox, Linda Stroupe Montgomery, Robert Mitchell, Ruth Pertee Lowe.  Third row:  Jim K. Sledge, Peggy Kender Cabaniss, Elsie Belcher Mitchem,  Lilly Slusher Lee, Tom Joyce, Sandra Shupe Morris, Carol Swetnam Cassady.  Fourth row:  Dickie Robertson, Bonnie Rose Graham, Jeanne Hubbard Martin, Betty Gentry Richardson, Elizabeth Cloer Adkins, Carol Robinson Pendergrass, Jim Thomas.  Fifth row:  Tom Smith, Cloria Marshall Saatman, Iris Harman Bentley, Linda Lester Dryden, Jim Martin, Frank Murray.  Sixth row:  Elton White, Benny Brown, Jerry Rose, Larry Bowles, Chandler Swope, Joanna Bignotti Brooks, Rod Moore, Jarrell Lane, and Jerry Smith

Thanks to Pat Friel Johnson for sharing these photographs

Photos by Spencer Photography, John Spencer, WHS Class of 1958.
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or contact:
John Spencer at:
 2853 Envoy Drive            phone 540-562-000
Roanoke Va 24019

Please contact Donnie Skuja with any necessary name corrections 

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