Every 3 years since 1992, past graduates of the '55-'60 classes of Welch High School convene at Pipestem, WV for a reunion.  The next reunion will be held in 2010.  Submit any questions about this reunion to either:

Ron Thompson 
34 Canterbury Road 
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Pat Friel Johnson 
6 Charles Circle, S. W. 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Thanks to John Spencer and Barbara Dawson, we are pleased to share these pictures from the 1998 reunion (links to pictures from subsequent reunions are at the bottom of this page):

Class of 1955

First Row: Laura Lee Mitchell, Gordon Forbes; Second Row: Judith Hulme Beuchert, Norma Leo Lewis, Joyce England Fly, Carolyn Forbes; Third Row: Gwen Martin Lucion, Dolores Gesotti McMahon, Eddie Fly, Shirley Clagg Dulaney; Fourth Row: Freda Bowden Demmon, Ardella Roberts Shaffstall, Bill Tolley, Don Rankin; Fifth Row: Shirley Greer Korman, Revline Scherer Brooks; Sixth Row: Roy Hall, Pete Plymale, Marshall Chapman; Seventh Row: John Grogan, Walter "Punky" Foster; Eighth Row: John Summers, Larry Matney, Sam Litz,  and Wayne Richardson

Class of 1956

First Row: Eleanor Triplett White, Joan Willis Corney; Second Row: Connie Moore Jenkins, Janet Lester Webb, Carol Lawrence Benson, Euwilda Roberts Lewis; Third Row: Shirley Price Tolley, Archie Verdiglione, Barney Jenkins, Dana Clark Hodges; Fourth Row: Don Robinson, and Bill Hodges

Class of 1957

First Row: Faye Tolley Milam, Pola Noe Bishop, Nilda Ramella, Jeanne Grogan Batten, Ann Tucker Rosch; Second Row: Shelby Rotenberry Robertson, Wanda Goad Werts, Brenda Muncy McPeake; Third Row: Tom Cloer, Barbara Mitchell Howlett, Mary Helen Banks Harris; Fourth Row: Margaret Campbell Barker, Lila Snow Cline, Geraldine Rotenberry Salcines, Bessie Blankenship Clark; Fifth Row: Pete Bignotti, Cuzzie Mae Belcher Mathena, Joe Ed Phillips, Tony Miano; Sixth Row: Ronnie Thompson, Sam Spangler, Kenny Crabtree, David Bowlick; Seventh Row: Curtis Grubb, Dexter Dillon, Jim Friel, and Charles Donchatz.

Class of 1958

First Row: Cathy Luther Steorts, Betty Campbell Klosterman, Helen Lawrence Eddins, June Tucker, Pat Friel Johnson; Second Row: Alma Terry Cooprider, Pat Sammons Rakes, Alice Cline Musso,Thelma Green Chaos, Marianna Cline Godfrey; Third Row: Gene Bowden, Kenny Rose, Bill Barker; Fourth Row: Johnny Spencer and A. W. Dalton

Class of 1959

First Row: Emelia Gonzales White, Angelina Lucion Hall, Jean Wingate Norton, Mary Jane Mayes Kestner; Second Row: Carolyn Sharousky Donchatz; Third Row: Janice Bowlick Duncan, Ilsa Scarberry, Charlotte Smith Massey, Ella Rae Gillespie Wells, Patty St. Clair; Fourth Row: Anna Colobro Mercanti; Fifth Row: Stanley Cozzuli, Carl Pennington, and Sam Campbell

Class of 1960

First Row:Peggy Kinder Cabaniss, Joanne Bignotti Brooks, Linda Lester Dryden; Second Row: Iris Harmon Bentley, Linda Stroup Montgomery, Wanda Bignotti Simons, Jessie Sue Prickett Verdiglione; Third Row: Gloria Marshall Saatman, Janet Spencer Hardison, Phyllis Hyder Isaacs, Jim Norton; Fourth Row: Patricia Janney Tucker, Elsie Belcher Mitchem; Fifth Row: Dickie Roberson, Benny Brown, Chandler Swope, George "Babe" Pennington, Jerry Rose; Sixth Row: Jim Martin, A.W. Dalton, and Jim Sledge

Photos donated by Spencer Photography, John Spencer, WHS Class of 1958.
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John Spencer
2853 Envoy Drive,  Roanoke Va 24019-3321
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